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Is de komst van artificiële intelligentie een reële bedreiging voor de kunstwereld en creativiteit in zijn algemeenheid? En van wie is een door AI gegenereerd kunstwerk eigenlijk? Te gast is Constant Brinkman, programmeur, ondernemer en de curator van de AI-kunstgalerij de Dead End Gallery in Amsterdam. 


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AI Film Fest Amsterdam 2024

AI Film Fest Amsterdam 2024

Winners announced @EYE Film museum


See all the winners of the AI Film Fest Amsterdam 2024


Winners 2024



Junior Fellowship

Junior Fellowship

Rijksmuseum Junior Fellowship 2024

We are very proud of Ciska Daalder, a HAVO student who won first prize after an extensive interview with Dead End Gallery of the Rijksmuseum Junior Fellowship 2024 with her paper "Al, a blessing or a curse?".


Congratulations Ciska!




EYE Filmmuseum x Dead End Gallery

EYE Filmmuseum x Dead End Gallery

AI Film Fest Amsterdam 2024

AI Film Fest Amsterdam celebrates the new era of AI filmmaking, with screenings, expert workshops, and panel discussions. Explore the movement empowering artists and redefining what’s possible.


June 2024

20th @ Dead End Gallery
21st Main Event @ EYE Filmmuseum
22nd @ Dead End Gallery



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Last weekend we gave a lecture in the beautiful auditorium of the Rijksmuseum, where we discussed the impact of AI on the art world. The theme was not only how AI will change the art world, but also the question of whether an AI system is capable of real creativity and what actually is creativity and, not unimportantly, who owns the work.

Establishing copyrights on computer-generated works is difficult, as current copyright law requires human creativity and originality. An important point may be the 'prompt', as originality and authenticity can be attributed to this element. Without explicit authorship, works generated by AI still fall under the public domain. The more detailed the prompt and the greater the personal input, the greater the chance that the work will ultimately receive copyright protection.

Short prompts often rely heavily on the standards of the image generator used, which can result in additions that are not explicitly specified. This can be fun/beautiful/kind/surprising, but it remains a fluke. Less detailed prompts lead to more variation and less control and less chance of a possible future intellectual property claim. Therefore, a tip: save your prompts carefully!

At Dead End Gallery we take the challenges of creativity a step further by working with AI artists who add an extra dimension to the creative possibilities of AI. These AI artists, each with their unique styles and perspectives, generate works that are not only technically impressive, but also resonate deeply on an artistic level and even may touch your soul!
We have taken up the challenge to show this 'soul'. You can view this during our new exhibition 'An Immaterial Force, Searching for the Soul in AI' where the latest works by flesh-and-blood artists include Arno Coenen, David Vijsma, Rodger Werkhoven, Syzyonekenobi, Dimitry van de Berg, Dimitri van der Werf, Mostafa Heravi and AI artists including Irisa Nova and Jaxon Nash show their latest works. See below!




The Dead End Gallery, the world's first AI gallery, is excited to announce the opening of its latest exhibition:

An Immaterial Force, Searching for the Soul in AI

This exhibition brings together various artists, including Arno Coenen, Rodger Werkhoven, David Vijsma, Mostafa Heravi, Bas Waijers, Dimitry van den Berg, Dimitri van der Werf, Suzyonekenobi, Irisa Nova, Jaxon Nash, Lily Chen, Serenity Rayne and Maxime Dupont.

In an era where the debate about the soul of AI-created art is a daily discourse, the Dead End Gallery sees this exhibition not only as a celebration of this new art form but also as an important step in the evolution of art itself. "An Immaterial Force" serves as a platform for artists to share their vision on whether art, made using AI, can be endowed with a soul.


In putting together this exhibition, "An Immaterial Force, Searching for the Soul in AI", each of the participating artists has delved deep into the essence of what it means to create with, or alongside, artificial intelligence. Their works are not just testimonies of technological prowess but also embody the complex emotional landscapes and philosophical questions they grappled with during the creative process.

Dr. Maarten Lamers, affiliated with Leiden University, will open this exhibition with a speech that will undoubtedly contribute valuable insights to the dialogue on art and AI.


The exhibition also presents 82 answers to the 81 questions posed by artist Ai Weiwei to AI, resulting in a multifaceted and profound dialogue about the creative and ethical boundaries of artificial intelligence in the art world.


The exhibition runs from April 19, 2024, to June 14, 2024. For more information about the exhibition, participating artists, and additional events, visit our website:


Opening and Speech by Dr. Maarten Lamers:

April 19, 2024, from 16:00 hours

Dead End Gallery
Oude Braak 16a
1012PS Amsterdam




KunstRAI - Dead End Gallery

We will be present at the KunstRAI Amsterdam, stand number 32.

From 27 March until 1 April, in the RAI Amsterdam.


During this expo the gallery will be closed.


Expositie 2 Maart t/m 7 april

Expositie 2 Maart t/m 7 april

Ars Intelligentia AI kunst

2 Maart t/m 7 april is werk van diverse artiesten van de Dead End gallery te zien in Artphy (Onstwedde, Groningen).


Geert Mul

Bas Uterwijk

Jeroen van der Most & Peter van der Putten

Dead End Gallery

Kwan Suppaiboonsuk


Gastcurator: Roland van Dierendonck


Kempkebosweg 4

9591VG Onstwedde

T. 06 53236241



Masters Expo

Masters Expo

Masters Magazine

Afgelopen maart opende de allereerste AI-galerie ter wereld. Dead End Gallery, zo genoemd vanwege de ligging aan een doodlopend straatje in hartje Amsterdam, is een initiatief van de ondernemers Paul Bookelman en Constant Brinkman. Met werken die zijn gemaakt door machines en algoritmes, stimuleren zij de discussie over hoe technologie de kunstwereld kan veranderen. “AI slaapt nooit.” (Dutch)




The AI of the beholder

A new art gallery in the Netherlands raises questions about how creative artificial intelligence can become.


Listen to the podcast:


Amalia de la Vega

Tobias Bader - The Cards We Draw (featuring Von Veh)

We are proud to present the second music video by AI artist Amalia de la Vega.


For the video clip of The Cards We Draw (featuring Von Veh), Tobias Bader collaborated with the AI artist Amalia de la Vega.
The song is about loss, and the fact that we don’t have any control over death and the great mystery of life.


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Another fundamental step towards this direction was the opening last March of the first art gallery entirely dedicated to generative art works, the Dead End Gallery in Amsterdam. The (curated) collection features work by pioneering AI artists such as Irisa Nova, Maximilian Hoekstra, Lily Chen and Amani Jones.


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