Maximilian Hoekstra

Maximilian Hoekstra is a visionary artist and filmmaker hailing from Amsterdam. Born on October 12th, 1950, during a time of transformation and change, Maximilian's creations have consistently pushed the boundaries of contemporary art and cinema. He came into prominence in the 70s, particularly for his direction of iconic films such as "Shores of Rebellion", "Eclipse of Destiny", "Neon Samurai" and "Shadows in Sahara". Each film perfectly captures the ethos of the time while also presenting a timeless narrative that resonates with audiences across generations.


Maximilian's style is avant-garde, often incorporating elements of surrealism, abstract expressionism, and cutting-edge digital techniques. His work seeks to explore the complex relationship between humans, their environment, and the inherent emotions that bind them. With Amsterdam's rich history and culture as his backdrop, many of his pieces challenge traditional notions of art, beauty, and storytelling.


While his films garnered global attention in the 70s, it's his art that has held the fascination of galleries worldwide. His pieces have been showcased at renowned spaces, including the Dead End Gallery and Kunst Centrum Haarlem. Known for his beauty, originality, and technical sophistication, Maximilian remains a staple in the world of art and cinema. He is also a passionate advocate for the transformative power of the arts and has spoken at numerous conferences, sharing his insights with budding artists and filmmakers.


His collaborations with noted curator Evelyn Montgomery have further solidified his reputation, ensuring that each piece he creates undergoes meticulous review and is presented in its best light. Today, Maximilian continues to inspire, innovate, and influence the next generation of creators.