Museumnacht 2023 Metrostation Amsterdam Centraal

Planning to take the metro during this Museum Night? This time, even your journey is a real museum visit. Dead End Gallery, in collaboration with CSDM, invites you: Amsterdam Central Metro Station will be completely transformed into an AI Gallery where AI-generated art is on display, visitors are challenged to interact with AI, and the creators behind the art are eager to tell you more about AI. Exclusive AI art will be showcased on 56 digital screens in the metro station. Take a look into the wonderful world of digital art


Featured artists:

Arno Coenen

Rodger Werkhoven


Matthias Oostrik

Amalia de la Vega

Irisa Nova

David Vijsma

Ilir Kelmendi

Sophia Perez

Maximilian Hoekstra

Kevin OConnell

Kevin Abanto,

Synthetic Pink

Rogier Pollman

Léon van Kuijk

Amani Jones

Rex Phantom

Jaxon Nash

Aopolis Voronin

Serenity Rayne

Dimitri van der Werf

Steven Schuurman

DD King

Anne Horel

Dimitry van den Berg

Serge Gualini

Emmett Anders

Alessio Lagreca

If you are interested in one of the works on display at the Museumnacht, please do not hesitate to contact us or fill in the form below.


Tel. +31 (0)6-336 77 773



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